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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Anom Vitruv - Untitled (12")

Anom Vitruv - Untitled (ZCKR Germany) With the anonymous Anom Vitruv's recent Demos EP for Going Good still on heavy rotation here at Juno HQ, the producer makes a swift return on the German ZCKR label. Deftly showcasing the producer's talents for immersive soundscapes and weighty techno of the dub-leaning variety, the "AI" track of this Untitled EP sees distorted vocals and claustrophobic atmospherics give way to weighty swung beats and sweeping synthetic vistas, something almost like Bee Mask collaborating with Andy Stott. On the flip, "BI" somehow combines the tones of '90s ambient with scorched industrial noise narrated by a sinister vocal. "BII" is an even more extreme trip through texture, where deathly drums and found sound stalk a desolate wasteland of analogue sound. Highly recommended to fans of Blackest Ever Black's output - this is some next level stuff from Anom Vitruv. via juno

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