DJ PUNISHER (Delroy Edwards) - Untitled

Freestyling, noisy dancefloor hammers from Delroy Edwards in DJ Punisher mode on LA Club Resource! Hot on the heels of his killer 'Teenage Tapes' mini-LP for The Death Of Rave, Delroy takes that album's aesthetic one step further with four tracks veering from schranzy pound to banking walls of distortion and dub. It boots up with a jagged acid noise assault coming off like Russell Haswell meets Gene Hunt on a furious whiskey session before descending into a pair of brutalist beat-offs oscillating between wild knob twisting and crushing, Prurient-style noise violence on the front; the unrelenting wall of noise on the flipside displays a more patient and equally devastating approach with the roiling expanse of modulated distortion beside a skeletal machine dub killah. Watch dem house boys scatter... in boomkat


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