Boothroyd - Idle Hours

Boothroyd - Idle Hours (TriBoothroyd serves one of the most striking debuts on Tri Angle with 'Idle Hours'. Hailing from sunny North Manchester but now defected to London, Boothroyd's music is a slyly ambiguous, 'marishly-warped mesh of lo-fi samples strung together with a deceptively grand plan. Like the mutant, half-finished offspring of Coil and Lars Holdhus, it occupies a uniquely detached space in the peripheries of modern composition, vapour wave and ambient pop, scuttling between heart-racing peaks and petrified electronica like some fractal distillation of darkweb's babylonian data flux and the stark numbness of suburban English life summed up by J.G. Ballard. Sucking us into his jagged wormhole with the palpitations and elusive emotions of 'NYC', he lurks somewhere between Clive Barker and Ryan Trecartin in the richly visual, deviant flux of 'Skinned', and draws the talons right across the nerve with the ghoulish chorales and sewer-troddin' jag of 'Colony', whilst 'Y5' murks ambient house with a proper eldritch attitude and humour. We reckon it's f**king ace. If u like VHS Head, Wanda Group, Coil, Dynooo, Evian Christ, it's a no brainer. in boomkat


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