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Monday, December 08, 2014

Afrikan Sciences - Circuitous

Afrikan Sciences - Circuitous (PAN) Comentários: Easily one of our most anticipated LPs of 2014, Afrikan Sciences' 'Circuitous' transcends jazz, techno and hip hop with pineal Afro-futurist vision. Hailing from Saturn via Oakland, CA, Eric Douglas Porter aka Afrikan Sciences has carved an elliptic orbit thru the sonic cosmos with three albums and a string of 12"s for Aybee's Deepblak label, an empathetic home for his abstract, groovesome suppositions improvised on turntables, upright bass, and a matrix of digital tablets. Now taking flight within the PAN quadrant, he presents a systemic set of 14 tracks, solar hymns for the unbound body and mind, traversing multiple dimensions of vivid sound-image and refractive rhythmic reality; calculating a zig-zagging, polyrhythmic trajectory from the gyroscopic tussle of elements in 'Two In The Chamber' thru the whirring broken beats of the title track and the probing harmonic chaos of 'Feel', to the crack'd boom bop of closer, 'Tell Me Who Like That'. Clearly the precedents have been set by Sun Ra, Ron Hardy, Dego, Jamal Moss, Theo P; but it's Afrikan Sciences who's taking this sound to new levels of idiosyncratic complexity and intuition. Massive recommendation. in boomkat

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