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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Traxman "Slash Time - The Album"

Chicago OG Traxman lights up the ‘floor like an xmas tree with Slash Time for one of the footwork scene’s strongest labels, Duck N’ Cover. In proper battle mode, Traxman declassifies some of his most personal, deadly material to date - and that’s saying something in light of his definitive Da Mind of Traxman volumes and the Teklife album for Lit City Trax. We’re talking stone cold blinders like Boogie Woogie, which sounds like Tango & Ratty on a jazz tip circa ’93, or the strobing, psycho-acoustic ghetto probe of Taken A Trip You, and the hyper soul flow of Survive for starters, or the accelerated motion sickness of Slash Time and the Hecker-gone-footwork freaks of Unstoppable and Electro Tekk to seriously polish you off. Highly recommended!

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