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Monday, May 16, 2016

Mundo Urbano #7 On Radio Quantica (13/5/2016)

01.Lapti & Nocow – Sirenas (subjective vision) (Not On Label)
02.Fonda Acid - Untitled (Not On Label)
03.Sam Kindel - Disruptive Muzak (The Death Of Rave)
04.Fonda Acid - Untitled (edit)
05.AyGeeTee - Save Me Again (slowly) (Not On Label)
06.Metrist - Shit Patches (Opal Tapes)
07.Orchestra Cometa - Reverle (Cometa Edizioni Musicali)
08.Inga Copeland - Notitle (No 'Label')
09.L Neils - Menagerie (Opal Tapes)
10.Umwelt - Ruthless Order (Rave Or Die)
11.Roly Porter - Mass (Tri Angle)
12.Palmbomen II - Cindy Savalas (Beats In Space Records)
13.Palmbomen II - Carina Sayles (Beats In Space Records)
14.Laraaji - Eternity Or Bust (All Saints)
15.Oneothrix Point Never Laser To Laser (No Fun Productions)
16.Mikael Seifu - How To Save A Life (Rvng Intl)
17.Ouled Ghnou & Lâriche - SideB (Excerpt) (Aatiphone Productions)
18.Bill Converse - Inward Fathoms (Dark Entries)
19.Betonkunst and Palmbomen II- 24x33 (1080p)
20.Gunnar Haslam - Kungio Rises (LIES)
21.Vumani - Cheater (Unkown Label)

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