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Monday, November 28, 2016

RR HEARSE/FURNACE MISKIN - Swinging Scarecrows (Hypnos)

RR HEARSE/FURNACE MISKIN - Swinging Scarecrows (Hypnos) Furnace Miskin – mini synth, lead vocals

RR Hearse – mini synth, drum machine, spoken word
Words – RR Hearse
Composed, arranged, and performed by Labros Tsamis and Theophanis Melas
Recorded live on audio tape at Labros Tsamis´ appartment 17.11.1988, Athens, Greece
Produced by Labros Tsamis
All songs are kindly permited by Labros Tsamis Archives
Cover by Theophanis Melas
Restored and mastered by Stefanos Konstantinidis
*Limited edition of 50 cassettes*

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