Rabit - Les Fleurs Du Mal (Halcyon Veil)

Rabit - Les Fleurs Du Mal (Halcyon Veil) «...Rabit gestures his sounds with a remarkable freedom of rhythmic meter and freehand strokes that belies its meticulous construction below the surface. Cecilia’s vocals and the sharp strings of opener Possessed suggest the spirit of Baudelaire’s text heard at street level, while the dissonant stress of Bleached World - a secret weapon ’til now - expresses a beautifully bittersweet anguish, and the recursive curdle of Ontological Graffiti catches in the throat with uncannily emotive effect. The Whole Bag locates his firmest dembow rhythms, but buried under collapsing sidereal pressure, and Cecelia’s return in closer Elevation perfectly emulates something like new age tristesse, which defines the record’s humanity in the face of such uncompromising synthetic sensations». in boomkat


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