XOR GATE - Conic Sections (Tresor Germany)

XOR GATE - Conic Sections (Tresor Germany) «Gerald Donald (Heinrich Mueller, Arpanet, Dopplereffekt, Drexciya) initiates new alias Xor Gate with the 30 minute wormhole of Conic Sections.»
In linguistic or electronic logic, the XOR Gate designates a device, digital or grammatical, which outputs a value only when two differing inputs are fed into it. This can be summed up with the formula 'one or the other but not neither, nor both.' A conic section is a shape created as a plane intersects a cone. This can result in different figures such as a circle, an ellipse, a parabola or a hyperbola. Conic Sections is here composed of eight themes, or shapes, over which waveform and synthesis entirely merge with human emotions. The line is blurred. These eight themes are intertwined, forming one long musical string. The line is forever blurred. Conic Sections was commissioned by ArtCenter South Florida in Miami, for the AN IMAGE exhibit. 
«There are hints of Drexciya's alien electronics throughout, but little in the way of punchy TR-808 beats or booming bass. Instead, Donald treats us to a sublime selection of futurist soundscapes, experimental doodles, deep space ambient compositions and trippy, horror-influenced electronica. It's effectively the distilled essence of Motor City futurism with the dancefloor grooves removed and some creepy modular electronics thrown in. Which, we think you'll agree, is an enticing proposition.»


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