James Ferraro - Four Pieces for Mirai (James Ferraro)

James Ferraro - Four Pieces for Mirai (James Ferraro) "Four Pieces for Mirai" is a stunning prelude to James Ferraro’s epic new work about civilisational decline, planned to span four releases this year. The initial transmission finds the preeminent bard and prescient se’er of the 21st Century establishing a dystopian present not dissimilar to our own, where society is in feudal bondage to digital networks, and the best resolution to the problem is a malware DDoS attack that disrupts the hold of the internet.
Integrating ideas from medieval music, Rensaissance music and ambient electronics with traces of hardstyle techno trance, metal, and indie-pop, the results broadly acknowledge and distill the modern sonic ecology to paint a dramatic realisation of humanity at a crisis of technological abundance and dysfunction, conceptually showcasing Ferraro’s uncanny ability to translate the peculiar character of our historical times into precise musical expression. Recommended!


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