Mundo Urbano #30 (31/08/2018) for Rádio Quântica

Marriageable young Moroccan women of the region’s dominant tribe, the Ait Hadiddou, are the object of the bridegroom’s haste. They conceal their reputed beauty under heavy capes and spangled headdresses.
National Geographic | January 1980 
Mundo Urbano #30 Tracklist:

01.Alex Kassian - Olsen Waters (Utopia Records Inc)
02.Oneohtrix Point Never - Manifold (Warp Records)
03.Life Education - Soul Evaporation (Frequency Domain)
04.Caterina Barbieri - How To Decode An Illusion (Important Records)
05.Alex Kassian - Hidden Tropics (Revisited) (Utopia Records Inc)
06.Idee Du Femelle - Lejanas Mareas (Domestica Records)
07.Varg & AnnaMelina - To the Sea / Hug Me Like You Love Me (Northern Electronics)
08.KYO with JEURU - All The Same Dream (Posh Isolation)
09.NAKED - Whip (Halcyon Veil)
10.Sparkwave - B3 Untitled Track (Panzerkreuz Records)
11.Sand Circles - Stellar Waves
12.Vânia Bastos - Tabu (The Sweetest Taboo) (Soundway Records)
13.Ducktails - Landrunner (Olde English Spelling Bee)
14.Syclops - Spin Cycle (DFA)
15.Hunee - Ritual Of Love (Ron's Vocal Beat Down Mix) (Rush Hour Recordings)
16.Deep Blue - Deep Blue (The Inner Part of Me) (Safe Trip)
17.Hieroglyphic Being, Sarathy Korwar & Shabaka Hutchings - Dimensions Of Frequency & Vibrations (Technicolour)
18.Linkwood - RIP (Prime Numbers)
19.Neil Landstrumm - She-ra Extra Speaker Pop (Peacefrog)
20.Andres - Jack City (Prime Numbers)
21.Cheek - Venus (Sunshine People) (DJ Gregory Remix)(Versatile Records)
22.Astral Engineering - Seashore Dub (Isle Of Jura)
23.Magnétophonique - Hopeless Tropicalia (Not Not Fun)


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