PILAR ZETA - Moments Of Reality (Ultramajic)

PILAR ZETA - Moments Of Reality (Ultramajic) After years of working as a graphic artist, designer, and creative director, Pilar Zeta will release her debut album Moments of Reality on Ultramajic Records on October 5th, 2018.
Inspired by Japanese post-modern art from the 1980s and produced using synthesizers from the 1990s, the new age album of nine electronic pieces is ambient and cinematic with an off-world feeling.
Her sound draws on the style of bands like Art of Noise and Steve Roach that she was exposed to early in her life and evokes the work of Yasuaki Shimizu, Yello, and Laurie Anderson. Each of the nine tracks will feature a cover with different objects in absurdist settings. Much the same way Zeta?s visuals seem to be artifacts from a parallel universe, Zeta?s ethereal and melodic compositions sound like a coded language transmitting from a neighboring galaxy.
Fueled by a lifelong love of the paranormal, Zeta’s metaphysical iconography and music exist in futuristic, surreal, and elegant spaces. Her visual and sonic work functions as a form of practical magic in a machine-centric world, connecting different mediums through a singular, transcendent vision.
Moments of Reality is an avant-garde concept album produced by Pilar Zeta & Jimmy Edgar. The 3-D animated videos for the album's two singles--"Moments of Reality" and "Better Learning". The visuals for the album were influences by the Memphis Design movement.


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