M.U. Podcast #99 (December 2018)

This Episode features some of my favorite tracks by Caterina Barbieri, Pursent, Croatian Amor, Veronica Maximova, Lyra Pramuk, War Scenes, Prurient, TWINS, Dressel Amorosi... 


01.Star Shepherd - The Flock nears The Gateway Estates (Nightwind Records)
02.Caterina Barbieri - Scratches On The Readable Surface (Important Records)
03.Pursent - 346.3 (Rengaine)
04.Croatian Amor - Dark Cut (ft. Jonnine Standish) (Posh Isolation)
05.Veronica Maximova - Truth Is Your Flesh (Voitax)
06.Alex Zhang Hungtai - Matrimony (NON)
07.Lyra Pramuk - Elevate (Not On Label)
08.Brandi Ifgray - Scam (Sähkö Recordings)
09.The Sarcasm Ensemble - 22 Halo (VEYL Records)
10.Arpanet - Event Horizon (Record Makers)
11.Peverelist - Erstwhile  (Punch Drunk)
12.War Scenes - I've Been Here Be 4 (Instruments Of Discipline)
11.Prurient - Beheading Of St. John The Baptist (Hospital Productions)
12.Sunun - Dark Just (Kinlaw Remix) (Bokeh Versions)
14.Leibniz - Playsi(PH17)
15.Stanley - Breakdancing Daddy (PH17)
16.Lyra Pramuk - Scrytch (Not On Label)
17.Privacy - No Discussion (PH17)
18.Unkown Artist - Running Up The Hill (PH17)
19.Dawn Undercover - Love Like the Tunguska Event (Diskotopia)
20.RGL - Love Calls (Diskotopia)
21.Yuzi Zapping - One Way (Diskotopia)
22.TWINS (Matt Weiner) - Race To Bottom (Clan Destine Records)
23.Empfänger - Speedcation (Lux Records)
24.Kinder aus Asbest - This Modern Day (Lux Records)
25.Dressel Amorosi - DeathMetha (Giallo Disco)
26.Ketsueki Sākuru - Shelia (Giallo Disco)
27.4-D Traveller - Tannenwald 7 (Per Musica Ad Astra)



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