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Sunday, July 08, 2007

SATURN V - Your Mind

SATURN V - Your Mind (Creme Jak Holland) Comentários: Chicago Acid House; Polarius Man dun\' said it in 2002: \"No more tasteless designer music by and for mindless jocks and inbred consumers, but deep and RAW Jams to tear your brain back to where its at!\" The Crème JAK Series is dedicated to the stripped down pulsating sick sound of the 808, the epileptic seizure inducing trance of the strobe and fog and the no holes barred slamjack freakout of Chicago\'s Music Box, where the only pretence of the music is to make you loooooose control! All limited one-sided pre releases, only 200 copies to bang the floor! Part 6; Saturn V (Traxx vs Cotton). in global darkness [Para Ouvir]


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