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Friday, July 27, 2007


FALSE aka MATTHEW DEAR - 2007 (Minus Canada) Coment√°rios: Matthew Dear slips back into his False moniker for a more streamlined approach to the superior brand of forward-thinking techno for which he has become renowned. 2007 sees Dear stripping away the poppier aspects of his productions for Spectral and Ghostly International, instead favouring the kind of reduced aesthetic that would situate him alongside fellow dancefloor innovators like Villalobos, looking far beyond the usual ports of call for hyper minimal techno, towards something that sounds genuinely fresh, far transcending the default settings of bleeps and bloops. The album fires into action with a mildly eerie slow burning intro, cooking up an ambient swell of vapour before hitting its stride on the reverberant, fractured arpeggios of 'Meat Me In The Markt'. Significantly, the album is mixed, meaning that this sounds less like a collection of 12" tracks (although recent sides 'Face The Rain' and 'Fed On Youth' are both present and correct) and functions more as a single production on an epic scale, evolving seamlessly over the course of an hour. That's not to say there isn't a depth of variety here though, Dear's compositions pretty much exhaust his repertoire, covering a vast range of permutations on 4/4 beat formats whilst bundling in some expertly-judged, more conventionally musical motifs to boot. The muffled keys and adventurous intervals of 'Face The Rain' make for a beautiful piece of electronic music by any measure, reaching a peak shortly before the meandering sub bass experiments of 'Disease/George Washington' breaks the album's flow. Soon after, Dear drops into the superb 'Act Like Children/Excalibur' with some of the weirdest, most disheveled beats conceivable in a techno record. That sort of quality clears the path for the album's final phase: 'Fed On Youth/HLM/DLG' will have you running for the Anderson shelters; it's air raid siren synths blast out ahead of the crisp, finely detailed tangle of low-end pulses. You may not hear a better techno album all year. in boomkat [Para Ouvir]



Anonymous Joana said...

brutalíssimo como sempre

Friday, 27 July, 2007  

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