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Thursday, March 27, 2008

BETA EVERS - Transient (Nation)

BETA EVERS - Transient (Nation) Comentários: Traxx's Nation takes another step - this time into Wave territory (a huge passion of Mr Traxx). Killer. Almost sounding like it could have dropped on Celluloid back in the 80's...TIP!The “transient” EP is Beta Evers’ 4th EP Production.For this project Beta was driven by thoughts about the short time/lifespan of many things. “Transient” is about life, death, being in interstates.Side A:“prisoner of mind”… is a melancholic track situated between New Wave and modern electronic songwriting.When your body is a prisoner of your mind, your visions tell you how different things could be. Whenyour mind would be free of neurotic fears, but you cannot find the way out. Musically this trackis a beautiful poem of illustrious harmony.Side B1:“paralyzed”… is a track about fear and panic.Musically inspired by acid and early 80s sequencer electronics. Imagine a scenario, where you wake upat an unknown place without any light, you want to get up and want to find out where you are, but youcannot move. You are paralyzed and stuck in this nightmare situation. Maybe it is no dream and you areon the other side, among the unliving? You know, that the whole scenario is unknown and scary ...Side B2:“foreign control”… is a track musically driven by 80s New Wave.Someone who is searching for his identity, who has lost parts of memory and tries now to get the piecestogether. Visiting places where he meant to have been before his trauma has happened.This person meets another person, who gives him some memories back, but there remains a big blackgap, that cannot be filled up anymore, otherwise he finds more persons that can help him to tell somethingabout his previous life. Only 500 copies, no repress. in rushhour [Para Ouvir/Samples] [Buy Here]

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