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Sunday, March 23, 2008

STATIC - Re: Talking About Memories

STATIC - Re: Talking About Memories (City Centre Offices) Comentários: As Berlin's monopolising grip on emotionally flecked electronica becomes ever stronger, our best advice is just to enjoy the ride! One of the central spokes to Germany's aural necromancy, Hanno Leichtmann (aka Static) has collaborated with To Rocco Rot, Tarwater and Lali Puna, whilst lending a production hand (and ear) to the likes of Pole and Jan Jelinek. A natural evolution from his last LP 'Flavour Has No Name', 're: talking about memories' sees Leichtmann again seamlessly massage a bloodhound nose for melody into swathes of electronically rendered acumen; with the resultant sound both esoteric and eminently listenable. Opening with the Ronald Lippok collaboration 'Return of She', Leichtmann delivers a creaking cask of clicks and cuts which are consummately shepherded away from any accusation of clinical detachment by all manner of harps, sun-blushed soundscapes and Lippok's delicious vocal. Elsewhere, 'A Song for You' is prime-time Mum soused clean of any pastoral whimsy, 'Point of Hope' brings acoustic guitars, Christof Kurzmann and lolloping beats together in perfect union, whilst the slow-motion elegance of Lars Rudolph on 'The Moon Had A Crack' allows Leichtmann to indulge in some after-hours piano and soothing analogue washes. Static has never sounded so good. in boomkat [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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