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Tuesday, June 03, 2008


ELECTROSERGE - Gimme Data (Normoton Germany) Comentários: This is the third full-length release from the data-pop duo Birgit Lehneis and Paul Heil aka Electroserge. After Whispertime and To Those I Hold Dear -- two straight indietronics albums -- Electroserge now leave guitars and chimes behind and take a turn on the data-highway. Machine-grooves along the road celebrate their electro heart and nostalgic robo-clichés dot the landscape. Evoking the classic tunes of Drexciya, Kraftwerk and Dopplereffekt, Gimme Data sounds freshly-generated via Pacman, run through machines driven by ideas and grounded by a cool attitude. Take some stripped-down beats, flavor them with some crystal-clear synth hooks and don't forget a good amount of robo-soul. Despite the glittering sheen of electronics, their indie roots such as Dinosaur Jr. and My Bloody Valentine can still be heard in their music. Self-confident sounds out of Bavaria with an international heart. in forcedexposure [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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Anonymous das tripas coração said...

sempre nice...

Wednesday, 04 June, 2008  
Blogger electriklife said...

olé :), ja fez tres aninhos em maio o mundo urbano.

Monday, 09 June, 2008  

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