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Friday, June 06, 2008


VIBERT/SIMMONDS - Rodulate (Rephlex) Comentários: The first Vibert/Simmonds collaboration appeared on Rephlex almost exactly 15 years ago, and featured Luke Vibert hooked up with fellow Cornish dweller Jeremy Simmonds for a sequence of rugged, experimental and incredibly warm tracks that to this day we have a real soft spot for. "Rodulate" features more archive material from the pair, chosen and honed by them for a second collection of electronic music variations that touch on stripped electro, sino textures, Acid reductions and even some squashed rhymes for your listening pleasure. It's a raw, beautifully analogue affair that manages to temper some of Vibert's more overtly kitsch instincts without getting rid of his effortless funk and sci-fi styles. Simmonds' involvement somehow turns the whole thing into an edgier, more robust beast, offering a good counterpoint to some of the more polished Vibert productions of later years. "Hurtin' Cyst" in particular harks back to the wonderful 'Phat Lab Nightmare' - one of his earliest and most overlooked albums under the Wagon Christ moniker, while the title track is a rough dose of distorted, weirdy electro of the very finest kind. Really good stuff - Highly recommended. in boomkat [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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