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Monday, July 28, 2008

‘I Hate It’ - say Hagen B. and Zuckermann

Hagen B. and Zuckermann (or “Bergman zu Fuss“) is a Berlin DJ/ Producer double. We set out to bring sex and soul back into Minimal. Our secret formula: mix, shake and stir the hottest classical House ingredients with an innoative choice of todays Minimal sounds - uh, well, and please don’t get cheesy! Result: a “2nd Berlin Skool of House” that features the spirit and techniques of that early 90ies 1st Berlin Skool (music you could hear at E-Werk, Globus, WMF). It uses different sounds plus a completely different approach towards producing though - oh, yeah, and a little bit of magic… We hope you like what we do. Having received an enormous amount of positive feedback and plays for our ‘I Hate IT’ EP on our MySpace sites already, here it comes again on de-bug for your ppp (uhm…, personal podcast pleasure). in de:bug
1. ‘M I Missing U’ (Minimal Remix) by Hagen B. & Zuckermann features our trademark sound, this “2nd Berlin Skool” thing.
‘M I Missing U’ (Original Mix) by Hagen B. on the other hand features a more straightforward Electro sound, the lyrics might remind you of something…
‘M I Missing U’ (Zuckermann’s Radio Edit) is made so that radio DJs can throw in their f***in’ advertisement (I gave up on listening to over the air radio, it is just so painful), but has some nice variations in sound. Enjoy!



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