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Friday, July 04, 2008

NEBRASKA - Mixed up Music for Mixed up People

NEBRASKA - Mixed up Music for Mixed up People (Down Low Music) Comentários: Following the storming single from late last year comes theis wonderful album of mixed soulful styles - slightly reminiscent of Recloose's Cardiology but more British sounding,. Kind of retro but definitely not tired. Excellent stuff, it's a big favorite down here. More choice A&Ring from Downlow... Nebraska is the alias of Ali Gibbs, a relatively unknown but experienced producer from the UK. His first records, released in the early 90's, were collaborations with James Mason (together best known as 'Headphonauts') that fused jazz, hip hop, soundtrack and electronic music, resulting in a sound that anticipated the so-called "Trip Hop" genre that exploded in the following years. In the late 90's, the duo shifted gears towards techno and released an album and an EP as 'Rei Mitsui' on Russ Gabriel's Ferox label (a favorite label of ours -- "Techno Soul" was its motto!). By 2000, Ali had gone solo, releasing his first record as 'Nebraska' on Russ' more organic Disco/House 'Player' label. It was (and is!) a hot record -- it convinced us we had to track Ali down and put out some more of his music. On 'Mixed Up Music for Mixed Up People', Ali's wide-ranging influences and mature production skills shine. The album is full of expertly blended cocktails of house and techno, complimented with splashes of jazz, funk, disco and soul. Check “Vicarious Disco” and “Full Deck” for majestic hypnotizers ala Paperclip People, "Further Listening" for hot & sweaty deep jazz-funk, or "Wooden Ships" for a chilled groove with sparkling keys. Passages of soundtrack-y bliss, a few extra-smooth broken beats, and a dose of hip-hop help make the album a robust and cohesive whole -- and reveal Ali as a beat-lover above all, rather than an artist of a specific genre. (PS -- Keep your eyes peeled for a separate Nebraska 12” on dL, with exclusive tracks and a Soul 223 remix of “Vicarious Disco”!) in rushhour [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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