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Sunday, February 15, 2009

LOBBY, Herrmutt - Bassfudge Powerscones

LOBBY, Herrmutt - Bassfudge Powerscones (EAT Concrete) Comentários: Herrmutt Lobby, the mysterious artists collective from Brussels, debuts for Eat Concrete with "Bassfudge Powerscones", a super fresh EP that contains their most 'danceable tracks to date.This massive five tracker combines the best of all worlds electronic, fusing glitch inspired electro with ultra-fat, bass heavy funk and industrial. After having received widespread recognition for their first releases, being credited for originality, smart production and a twisted sense of humor, the Herrmutt's come up with a release that is pure dj food. "Bassfudge" truly lives up to it's name and brings mid-tempo, future based hiphop in a techno fashion.This EP, first in a series of releases, features vocals by Non Genetic (Shadow Huntaz) and is packaged in breathtaking artwork by Elzo. Hailing from the notorious 4800, the Herrmutt Lobby is composed of "nerds extraordinaire" Kadah Vresky, Back & Forth, scratch composer Dj Swiffer of the Fistfucking crew and whoever else happens to drop by. Separately they've already delivered several releases. Kadah Vresky released their debut LP on DUB in 2002, have remixed Funkstörung for Studio !K7 and supplied tracks for compilations on MAS, Dub, Civik and On records .Members of the romantically inclined Fistfucking Crew [whose debut LP leaves nasty stains under the nails], Back & Forth, after acquiring a reputation for their live performances, have recently finished a first EP, as yet unreleased. Guest sound supplier, Jean Mix was recently elected Vervier's Mister Commodore 64. Voluntarily sequestered in the Merlin HQ [and other dubious locations of ill repute], for days on end, without any contact with the outside world or so much as the time of day, Herrmutt Lobby are essentially these massive electronic jam sessions, selected, filtered and arranged for your optimal listening pleasure. The next step is to take these sounds out of the comforting environment of smoky, dim light bedrooms, and into the spotlight, onto the stage, in front of an audience. They drink their coffee black, short, no sugar. [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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