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Saturday, February 21, 2009

ONRA - 1.0.8

ONRA - 1.0.8 (Favourite) Comentários: The deft fingers behind the awesome 'Chinoiseries' LP returns with another album of triple dope Dilla styled beat offcuts and idiosyncratic sample sketches for French label Favourite. His last effort is one of the best instumental hiphop albums we've heard in the last few years so expectations were high for this one, but no worries, the man done good with a set of compact riddim visions and refried snippets of vinyl ephemera ranking up close to the likes of the late, great Dilla, Madlib or even the RZA due to his predilection for far Vietnamese and Far Eastern score samples and dialogue. The sample pot for this LP does however draw on a slightly different palette, with more attention placed on Electro-soul and synthy vibes run throughout, and knitted together with his innate knack for piecing together a buttered head nodder. Tracks like 'Porn' with natty 8-bit skwee sounds, or 'Bong' with tube suckling FX are made all the better for their brevity, with the sounds evaporating before your mind has a chance to dwell on the matters too long, acting like a short but intense book of short stories with a consistent narrative thread running through each. We just can't fault this man's beats, Onra makes killer drums, finds wicked samples and arranges them all with a detailed but solid structure. Followers of skewed wonky styles and fathomless basslines need to check in fast. Highly Recommended. in boomkat [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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