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Sunday, January 17, 2010

MATRIX METALS - Flamingo Breeze

MATRIX METALS - Flamingo Breeze (Olde English Spelling Bee) Comentários: ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE ELECTRONIC SOUNDWORKS AND POP PASTICHE, SORT OF LIKE ONEOHTRIX POINT NEVER CROSSED WITH ARIEL PINK AND ANIMAL COLLECTIVE, ALL FED THROUGH A 1980'S TELEVISION SOUNDTRACK FILTER AND RECORDED TO TAPE OVER AND OVER AGAIN. INCREDIBLE ALBUM - STRICTLY LIMITED PRESSING!!! The exceptional Olde English Spelling Bee label presents a remastered issue of Sam Meringue's out-of-print tape released in summer '09 by Not Not Fun, complete with full colour sleeve and a digital download coupon from the label itself. In a similar vein to the remarkable Ducktails material or James Ferraro's Skaters project, Matrix Metals make a washed out vision of 80's American under-pop and New-Age, half remembering cable TV infomercial soundtracks and cult movie scores through a haze of distortion and MOR warmth. This may gave you a better idea of what to expect (or then again..) "The Matrix vision is to grow a long term, copper bi-product based on the fitness workouts and dance moves of Frank B. Harnsaul & Marianne Weisner MD. Located in the world class Mt. Isa base dance studios, this routine will be achieved by elevating the cities existing frozen yoghurt resource and reserve inventory through the special achievements of ongoing exploration success on the largely unexplored, unexpected Jackson portfolio. The various phases of the dance will be implemented with ongoing due respect to all participating parties particularly homeless natives, native title claimants and landholders in the extended families of both Mr. Harnsaul & Ms. Weisner. Applications: High Pressure Gas Cylinders, Scuba Tanks, Medical Gases, Fire Extinguishers, Fire Suppression Systems, Over The Road Trailers, Refrigerant Gas Cylinders, Specialty Gas Cylinders." Outer Limits Incorporated. Limited to 500 copies! in boomkat

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