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Saturday, January 02, 2010

Ghostly International Presents Moodgadget: The Nocturnal Suite

VA - Ghostly International Presents Moodgadget: The Nocturnal Suite (Ghostly International ) Comentários: Ghostly International affiliate Moodgadget Records upholds its remit to "Expose the diversity in electronic music" with a vast 24-track compilation covering everything from indie rock to dance music and synth-pop, inclusive of all the electronic crannies in between. Tracks like the uber-pop of D. Gookin's 'Black Magic' require a broad emotional license from the listener, while Rephlexian The Wisp turns in the downtempo IDM of 'Arpeggiating Edgar', and Machinedrum gives out the modified electro disco of 'Freshkids'. Elsewhere Daniel Johnson serves the absolute highlight of the set on the stunning cover of Sophie B. Hawkins' '91 classic 'Damn (Wish I Was Your Lover', and Worst Friends come a close second with the gently strobing disco synths of 'I Wish I Don' Drop Dead'. The arrangement and presentation give 'The Nocturnal Suite' selection a unified mixtape feel with an intimate late-night aesthetic, meaning any cold or emotionless cynics need not apply, this is dreamy music for lovely people. in boomkat [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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