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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Bass Weight : a Dubstep Documentary

'Bassweight' is the first full-length feature documentary to cover the now international sound of Dubstep. It traces the genre from it's roots in the backrooms of bars and clubs in Croydon to the virulent spread of halfstep into the Soundsystems of Brazil, Japan, and U.S.A. The production team, SRK (aka Soka Afrika, Graffiti Asia, Rackgaki, Scratching The Surface: Japan) interview some of the scene's leading players, including a jolly, but informative chat with Skream and Benga (" was almost gonna be called Raggige..."), an always enlightening tet-a-tet with Kode 9 and words from the patron saint of the 'step, Mary Anne-Hobbs. It goes behind the scenes at Boomnoise's flat during a recording of his and Sgt. Pokes' Sub.FM show, with some cameos from Kevin Martin and Goth Trad, plus chats with the tireless Deapoh, the man behind mix-hosting site, Barefiles. For the dubstep fanboy skanking inside you... [Buy Here]

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