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Sunday, October 24, 2010

FACT mix 195: DJ Spinn & DJ Rashad

We’ve been after this for ages, and it’s finally here. DJ Spinn and DJ Rashad, figureheads of Chicago’s footwork scene, team up on this Friday’s FACT mix, and it is an absolute killer. If you’ve been reading FACT then you probably know about juke and footwork by now, the bastard son of ghetto/booty house that’s been bubbling Stateside for years, but recently has found itself informing worldwide club music more than ever; its influence made blatant in Addison Groove’s all-conquering ‘Footcrab’, but also on recent productions by Girl Unit and Ramadanman. [+info]
FACT Mix 195 - DJ Spinn & DJ Rashad (Oct '10) by factmag

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