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Monday, March 14, 2011

aTelecine - A Cassette Tape Culture: Phase One

aTelecine - A Cassette Tape Culture: Phase One (Pendu Sound Recordings) Comentários: aTelecine is the darkwave alter ego of porn actress Sasha Grey, together with musician/engineer Pablo St. Francis, poet Anthony Djuan and artist, Ian C. In 2010 they produced the hugely enigmatic album, '...And Six Dark Hours Pass' for Dais Records (reissuer of classic Coum Transmissions and Cold Cave records), before this incredible 12 track collection for NYC's obscure occult arts/culture organization, Pendu Sound, drops to stand out from a roster including Chelsea Wolfe and Mater Suspiria Vision. Sasha's industrial credentials are nowt to be sniffed at, having already contributed to Current 93's 'Aleph At Hallucinatory Mountain' and marking herself out as some kinda Cosey Fanni Tutti for a new decade, even down to the rear sleeve image of her holding a clarinet (well, Cosey plays cornet, but it's close enough for us). She's clearly transferred the darkside aesthetics of her role as a fetish idol and innovator into the aTelecine sound, from knowingly naif moments of elegiac Throbbing Gristle-esque sci-fi synths, to slow heaving doom riffage nodding to Om or Sunn 0))), sleazy psychosexual ambient electronics, passages of spoken word and disorienting field recordings, all imbued with an intoxicating lo-fi sensuality. Obviously aware of their industrial precedents, aTelecine have eked out a curiously suggestive and embryonic sound with an acute potential to unsettle and demand your attention. Fans of Chris & Cosey, TG, David Tibet, Coil, Yellow Tears, Prurient or Cold Cave should grab this fast. A total find. In boomkat

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