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Friday, March 25, 2011

Beans - End It All

Beans - End It All (Anticon) Comentários: One of HipHop's persistently distinctive voices drops his sixth album, this time for the Anticon label. Assisted by killer productions from the likes of Nobody, Four Tet, In Flagranti and Clark, Beans is as eloquent and bafflingly verbose as ever, breathlessly parading tongue-twisted verse after verse with the controlled gush of a man who knows he's pretty mental, and knows how to control it. 'End Of It All' has already drawn comparisons to the psychotic art(iculations) of P. Diddy and ya boy Kanye, but to be totally fair, Beans has been doing his thing a lot longer than both of them, and without the multi-million ego cushions. There's no chance i'm going to be able to make sense of the lyrics even after a few listens, but essentially "The Production Is Minimal/Because What He's Saying Is Critical" is the rhythmic ethos, generally adhering to the APC formula of repetitive electronic beats, as with Nobody's killer post-Timba riddim on 'Deathsweater', or tightly tucked breakbeat edits on Four Tet's 'Gluetraps' and rockier styles from Interpol's Sam Fog for 'Electric Bitch'. Four Tet appears again with the brief-but-fierce blast of 'Anvil Falling', and Clark does his dynamically decimated thing with 'Hunter'. Class. in boomkat [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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