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Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Nan Goldin's Fire Leap Exhibition at Sprovieri Gallery

Nan Goldin's Fire Leap Exhibition at Sprovieri Gallery, Jun 24 - Aug 6, 2011. "Nan Goldin found fame through taking photographs of friends and documenting her life in a process that started when she was a teenager and has continued throughout her life. These photographs of drag queens and club kids now hang on the walls of the world's art institutions, telling a tale of New York in the 80s; drugs, sexual experimentation and AIDS. Since that time Goldin has continued to take photographs and exhibit her work around the world.Last week an exhibition of her work opened at the Sprovieri Gallery in London, including two grids of photographs that the artist sees as a great change in her work and also a slide show, ‘Fire Leap’, which she describes as ‘The Ballad but children’, a multi faceted portrait of the children in her life." read more

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