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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

WITCH HOUSE - London's witch house coven

FRIDAY 15th July 2011 , Vogue Fabrics of Dalston. Adress: 66 Stoke Newington Road N16 7XB, London. ..."Witch House (sometimes referred to as drag) is a term used to describe a subgenre of industrial music, which features a prominent hip-hop influence, specifically the 1990s, Houston chopped and screwed sound pioneered by DJ Screw."
Witch House London (WHLND) presents a groundbreaking new idea in London clubbing - the UK's very first regular club night specialising in Witch House, Drone and Gravewave!!
Simply called ‘W', this club night will cater for those who are interested in the dark, ethereal, visual, chopped and screwed genre (known commonly as Witch House) and will feature Djs at the very forefront of this new and mysterious East London scene.
In fitting with the scene, the venue is small, dark and obscure - the sound system is excellent!
The brainchild of /\dam (Cold In Berlin) and ••∆•• (Shadowofseven), the new club night will also feature DJs Sebastian (Robot Elephant Records), and (...) Story Of Isaac on
the decks from 9pm until way past the Witching Hour.
There are plans to feature a 30 minute live set from various Witch House acts on each night - starting with London's newest Gravewave group ••∆•• Shadowofseven on the opening night.
The club rules are simple -
No Blogging, No Photography, No Identity!
Admission to this new and exciting cult event costs £4 before 11pm and £5 all night afterwards.

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