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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Quiet Evenings / Seziki Tetrasheaf - Split

SEZIKI TETRASHEAF- Let's Do Carpet Beach (excerpt) by Hooker Vision
Quiet Evenings / Seziki Tetrasheaf - Split (Hooker Vision) Comentários: *Limited edition of 300 copies for the world* Nova Scotian Arms and Motion Sickness of Time Travel's Hooker Vision label and Rotifer mark their 100th and 50th release milestones, with a contrasting split of hypnagogic murk and romantic synth drone. Over the summer the heads of both labels, Rachel & Grant Evans (MSOTT, Nova Scotian Arms) and David Toro & Jefrey Astin, toured extensively together and this record is a sort of sonic polaroid of that time spent with each other. By the sounds of it, they were fairly whacked out. Seziki Tetrasheaf's side comes off about as close to an approximation of Hype Williams jamming with Pat Maherr and James Ferraro as you could hope for, stirring up a big ol' tape mush collage of slurried samples and ectoplasmic resonance with nary a care for the listener's sanity - which is always a good thing. By contrast, the Quiet Evenings side is like a celestial salve to sooth your burnt-out synapses, disinfecting your mind from the more unhinged psychedelic intentions of the flip. Together, Grant & Rachel create a lather of patchouli-pink synth hues and bubbling electrical current, suspending your thoughts in a floating interzone of new age bliss. But strangely enough, we've come to the conclusion that both sides end up having a kinda similarly zoned-out effect. in boomkat

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Perhaps the final release from jefrey astin as he apparently passed away recently, R.I.P.

Friday, 28 October, 2011  
Blogger Mundo Urbano said...

sad news :S

Sunday, 30 October, 2011  

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