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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Suum Cuique (Demdike Stare) - Midden

Suum Cuique (Demdike Stare) - Midden (Young Americans) Comentários: *Suum Cuique (pronouned Soom Kwi-Kwe, Latin for "To Each His Own")* Demdike Stare's Miles with an incredible set of dark analogue productions somewhere between Eleh, Pan Sonic and Eliane Radigue. Comes housed in a white-on-white embossed sleeve - limited copies available. Suum Cuique follows the remit of Young Americans to explore uncharted, experimental, and personal synthscapes, guided by the hand of intuition with an entirely analogue array of machines. There's a confidence and ability to these productions which elevates them above the masses of lo-fi synth meanderings currently murmuring in the underground, occupying the tantalising space between Eliane Radigue and James Ferraro, or Thomas Köner and Daphne Oram, creating a dialogue between their shared and opposing aesthetics to give an emotional response with deeply chilling and engrossing results. In 'Lithic Reduction' concrète textures grind like a millstone to release powdery clouds of analog dust, settling only to be dispersed by gusts of blackened distortion, whereas 'Red Binary' is distinctly electronic, revolving around muted radar bleeps like the resonance from SAW II soundtracking a speckly pill experience that's starting to go west. The album's centrepiece, the aptly titled 'Entropy' nods to the sublimely stoic work of Eleh, radiating microtonal bass shifts while a bitter northerly wind builds in intensity. Brilliantly out of place, 'Cyclic Redundancy' opens the flipside with a majestically submerged slab of completely obliterated and submerged 4/4, like an unholy collusion between Mika Vainio, Sandwell and Bernard Parmegiani soundtracking a trade union rave in the 1950's, before 'Even In Death...' conjures imagery of a eulogy given by a Mongolian throat singer with crows circling overhead. in boomkat

Suum Cuique - Midden by modernlove

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