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Monday, June 25, 2012

Xander Harris - M.U. Podcast 44# (June 2012)

Xander Harris - M.U. Podcast 44#

1. Xander Harris - Kull Wahad
2. Silent Diane - Juliet the Painting
3. S U R V I V E - Omniverse
4. Boy Friend - D'Arrest
5. Troller - Winter
6. Lumens- When I knew You
7. Silent Land Time Machine - An Own to One's Room
8. Automne Vein - Safe
9. //TENSE// - Sin Realite
10. Isobelle Fox - NowiswheN
11. Kiwi Sisters - Montauk Monsters
12. Single Lash - Wildlife
13. Butcher Bear - Goodbye Sunshine
14. Thousand Foot Whale Claw - Lost In Those Dunes

Download M.U. Podcast 44# here.

About the mix: These are all acts and friends around Texas that I really like. There were a couple of acts (like Ssleeper Hold and Boan) that don't have recorded material at the moment so I wasn't able to include them in the mix but I really wanted to. There are so many bands working in Austin and Texas that I love right now. Eyes, Wings, and Many Other Things, Agent Ribbons, Belaire, How I Quit Crack, Lee Dockery, Jacob Green, The Haute Magie crew, and so much more.

What am I up to? I'm working on the follow up to "Urban Gothic" which will be titled "The New Dark Age of Love". There are other remixes and releases that I'm recording and producing right now as well but I want those to be a surprise so I won't speak about those too much. I have a CD-EP called "Poison Belt" that is a part of the Ruralfaune synth series that just came out and I have a split cassette with the Portland band The Crow coming out on CGI Friday this summer. Xander Harris: Facebook, Bandcamp.

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