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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Vatican Shadow - September Cell

Vatican Shadow - September Cell (Bed of Nails) Comentários: Absolutely KILLER new twelve from Vatican Shadow on Dominick Fernow's own, newly minted Bed of Nails imprint - his most direct dancefloor productions to date. Edition of 700, initial copies come on super limited transparent blue vinyl* Bed Of Nails is a new label curated by Dominick Fernow of Vatican Shadow and Prurient fame. Operating from his recently consecrated L.A. compound - the label will focus on his reorientation towards industrial dancefloor rhythms and seductively isolated electronics. Fernow christens the label with 'September Cell', a four track 12" loaded with some of his most direct dancefloor assaults to date, following Blackest Ever Black and Type reissues of his earliest cassette releases in this guise. The A-side breaks down into two parts: 'September Cell (The Storm)' pistons a martial machine coda, all hollowed Industrial percussion and gloaming synths shot through with visceral traces of his power electronics; while 'September Cell (The Punishment)' realigns the rhythm with a rigid swing and insurgent, caustic swipes of noise timed with exacting accuracy. On the flip, 'Cairo Is A Haunted City' opens with a nightvision panorama of furtive pads before rapid-fire steppers' rhythms find formation under cover of pitch blackness. 'One Day He Heard The Call' resolves the label's first session with a bleakly evocative vision polluted by Vangelis-like synth-brass flares and toxic synths... via boomkat

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