OAKE - M.U. Podcast 58 # (April 2013)

OAKE it's a girl and boy from Berlin    (Eric and Bathseba) that are making « haunted, moody, atmospheric pagan-pop with shades of early Coil, The Sugarcubes and The Haxan Cloak  ». OAKE release "Offenbarung" should be coming out this week on Regis's Downwards Label (founded by Karl 'Regis' O'Connor, enjoys its 20th year of existence). Meanwhile check out the Erajh Nur Dwafa video. 
About the mix: It is built around a custom made OST of the movie "Messiah of Hell". Seba and I decided not too just mix tracks with each other, but try to do like a horror movie audio book. We hope you enjoy it!
OAKE - We don't have any expectations, really. we will just try to spend as much time as possible making music, which means writing new pieces and also thinking about how we'd perform them live. Eventually we will feel ready and then we'll see if people are eager to find out about what we've done. The time is now! OAKE Facebook | Soundcloud | Tumblr 
M.U. Podcast 58 # 
Marcus Fjellstroem - Tenebrous
Black Rain - Lo Tek Bridge
Rrose - White / Drip (Loop)
Pino Donagio - School In Flames
The Psychic Stewardess - Telepathic Synthesis System
OAKE - Nihnin Ned Bargund
Violetshaped - Anesthesis
Violetshaped - Spectral Nightdrive
Dadub & King Cannibal - Transfer
Regis - Slave To the Inevitable
Samuel Kerridge - Auditory System
OAKE - Drenba Nih Sendaut (Edit)
Oneirogen - Cinerum
Miles - Archaic Thought Pattern
KTL - Phill 1
Unknow Artist - Untitled


Anonymous said…
Great mix, can't wait for the 12" ! I think it's coming out on Downwards proper and not Downwards USA though ?
Mundo Urbano said…
I think it will be release on Downwards America, that's the info I've got, but I can check this again, thanks for listening.
Mundo Urbano said…
my mistake, it's on Downwards, thanks :)

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