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Monday, April 15, 2013

[PHYSICS] - Spectramorphic Iridescence

[PHYSICS] - Spectramorphic Iridescense (Digitalis) Los Angelino android [PHYSICS] logs into the vaporwave cloud with this engrossing debut album of synthesised electronic emotions and holomorphic narrative. Paralleling the piloerect melodic triggers of Oneohtrix Point Never and the trans-dimensional fidelities of Hype Williams or James Ferraro, 'Spectramorphic Iridescence' is a like viscous psycho-sonic balm for those pleasure centres that respond most acutely to futurist nostalgia, a silicone VR vaporub of frothy arpeggiation and digital enzymes totally recalling alien memory implants from our DNA altered by decades of viral binary cultures conceived in the Hollywood labs and hi-tech valleys only miles from the artist's base. Oscillating between neon darkness and smudged ultra-violet light spectrum the journey swerves from Vangelis-lite Blade Runner themes in 'Anodyne Dream' to the neuromantic geometrics of 'Isosceles Trapezoid' and the Citrac-esque cyber gunk flow of 'The Keep', before ascending to the quick bliss highlights of 'Cardinal Perplexogram' and the melting moire glisten of 'The Grid Vanishes', to conclude with a melodically and emotionally ambiguous, flickering AI glance in 'Ultimate L', leaving the neural gateways open for a sequel, or possible prequel. in boomkat.

[PHYSICS] - Cardinal Perplexogram from Stanley Sunday on Vimeo.

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