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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Jamal Moss (Hieroglyphic Being) - Acid Symphonic Op.01

Jamal Moss (Hieroglyphic Being) - Acid Symphonic Op.01 Comentários: Reel Torque's tertiary tape captures Windy City sorcerer Jamal Moss (Hieroglyphic Being, The Sun God) putting Teenage Engineering's Op.01 synthesiser thru its paces in an hypnotic hour long improvisation. Whilst Jamal's best known for jamming on vintage kit in classic Chicago style, the 'Acid Symphonic Op.01 Concert' is testament to an intuitive approach and fluidly psychedelic vision that can be practically applied to any bit of kit, proving the old adage; it's not what you use but how you use it that really matters. For 62 minutes he extrudes a sequence of driving acid bass, escalating arpeggios and gorgeous, sky high pads from the little white box, showcasing its canny tape recorder-simulation and LFO functions with typical discipline and guile to third eye-rolling effect. When it really gets going you know that this could only be the work of one man, and there's scant few artists in the world we could genuinely say that about, so it's all the more gratifying when he pops up on the mic at the end... in boomkat

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