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Sunday, February 02, 2014

Negra Branca - M.U.Podcast 73# (Feb 2014)

Negra Branca's (Marlene Ribeiro) eponymous solo debut of swirling dub pop for her Gnod bandmates' Tesla Tapes was originally released on cassette last year and was one of the finest to emerge from Manchester in 2013. Perhaps due to its format and limited release it sorta disappeared from view without a great deal of attention - something that this remastered and expanded vinyl edition (released in conjunction with Michael Holland's ONO imprint) might rectify. Produced in Ibiza and Salford, N B is an intriguing, hugely promising debut - highly recommended if you're into Yong Yong, LA Vampires, Hype Williams, FKA Twigs, Paco Sala.
1- Negro Prison Songs - No more my lawd 
2- Lonnie Holley - Here I stand knocking at your door 
3- Cesaria Evora- Sodade 
4-Former Bullies- Golden chains 
5- Former Bullies- When I say 
6-Golden Rule- Piano 
7-Yong Yong- A Catia 
8- Pleasure- Ringtone 
9- Uiutna- Caravan slowly moves while the star shines 
10- Johnny the hero- Fuck all 

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