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Monday, February 15, 2016

HEALING FORCE PROJECT - Gravitational Lensing

HEALING FORCE PROJECT - Gravitational Lensing (Firecracker Recordings) Comentários: In this guise, Italy’s Antonio Marini is responsible for a string of celebrated releases spread across Berceuse Heroique, Nous, and Bedouin Records, a.o., and now commits his finest yet to Edinburgh’s Firecracker Recordings. Gravitational Lensing is a fluidly immersive suite of polymetric time signatures knitted with bubbling electro-acoustic abstraction and drones to sound like some parallel dimension mirror of electric-era Miles Davis, 23 Skidoo’s worldly jazz-funk and the kind of psychedelic atmospheres practised by Gruppo d’Improvvisazione. It’s what Squarepusher could have sounded like if he hadn’t spiralled into fretless frappery; instead working a tuff but super loose funk from dry, cracking drum machines and sparring breakbeats knitted with eyes-shut chord progressions and a seemingly mystic sampler that spits pure magick vibes. For the dancers, astro-jazz-nauts and DJs, this is a bit of a no brainer. Highly recommended!

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