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Monday, February 22, 2016


OLIVER HO /DANNY PASSARELLA - Multi (Passarella) The 2nd release on Passarella Records is “an exploration of gender and growth, moving between he superficially binary genders, creating new identities through this process”. Male enters on a carpet of dry iced synths, possessed by drifting ghost-in-the-machine voices and spare, Far Eastern sounding percussion, beside the drily spacious Linn hits and drifting chorales of Female which could almost be taken from some Forced Nostalgia reissue. With Back they evacuate the mind into a cold, spherical echo chamber, and really grasp something out of the darkness with jagged strings and pensive, cinematic story-telling in Forth.

Oliver Ho & Danny Passarella - MULTI from Rufus Ho on Vimeo.

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