Body-san - Shining the Money Ball (1080p)

Body-san - Shining the Money Ball (1080p) Comentários:Smooth and vibe-focused marriage of electronic grooves and dank chords from Kansas City’s Brandon Knocke aka Body-san, following up a release on 100% Silk with 10 tracks colorized by human voices/conversations and landscapes. “Shining The Money Ball” has a polished, synthetic naturalism (lots of water and fauna vibes on these synths) and gets its sound inspiration from jazz-funk, 1970s & onward library music, and also creates a vague, unspecific but 'perfect crime' cinematic narrative.  In the past Knocke has released a fairly wide spectrum of electronic-based music under different names, notably as Discoverer for experimental-leaning labels like Digitalis (RIP) & VCO Recordings 
Body-san "PICKING UP STRANGE" from officialmichaelgreen on Vimeo.


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