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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Peder Mannerfelt - Controlling Body

Peder Mannerfelt - Controlling Body (Peder Mannerfelt Produktion) Peder Mannerfelt saves his very best studio extractions for his private imprint with release of Controlling Body after myriad explorations divided between Ultimate Hits, Archives Intériéures, and Avian over the last 12 months. Featuring vocal contributions from Glasser, the album is experimental in structure, fleshed with coloured tones, and possessing a surreal in/human choir of processed voices - from cut-up reggae vox to ghost-in-the-machine sirens - he reorganises established elements of techno, electro, dub and pop like a tessellating rubik’s cube of idiosyncratic ideas and gestures. It’s arguably his strongest solo release to date, encompassing electro-acoustic rave hymns such as Building of the Mountain next to the duped techno step of Her Move before taking in the viscous ambient dancehall curves of BZ Reaction and ghostly dub drift recalling Pinkcourtesyphone in Coast to Coast. At its apex, the eerie gynoid sensuality of Limits to Growth marks this as something really special, and the rest doesn’t disappoint either, from the dank electro-acoustic chasm of Abysmal to the strobing techno twyster Perspectives and the experimental torch-song/synth-pop genius of I Love You. A real keeper, especially if you liked his work with Fever Ray or Roll The 
Dice, but fancied something farther out.

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