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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Sebastien San

"Universal Language"
Sebastien San grew up listening to the sounds of Kraftwerk, Prince and Serge Gainsbourg. In the early 80s he got heavily into the new wave and industrial scene much inspired by Depeche Mode, Cabaret Voltaire, Human League and Front 242 among many others. Album opener, 'Universal Language', is a sure fire hit - easily as strong as the debut 12" maxi single 'Wuxia'. It's futuristic, new old school electro pop of the highest calibre. The emerging club-culture of the mid-80s, as well as the birth of Detroit techno and Chicago house had an even greater impact on him. San explains his initial attraction to techno: "It was the most amazing thing", says Sebastien, "At that time, I could hardly believe that this music was made by human beings". Despite San's heavily electro influenced sound he retains a strong pop sensibility throughout so while it is well compatible with DJing and clubs, it is also ideal headphone music for home listening. "I immediately got into it, the sound of those records had a powerful depth and it was generally more danceable". He consequently landed a job at a local record store where he could get his hands on all those great records. It also helped him launch his own party where he could play those fabulous tracks. "We were throwing parties anywhere we could, be it a garage, a warehouse or a basement. Tracks Like 'Strings Of Life 'by Derrick May, 'Big Fun' by Inner City or 'French Kiss' by Lil Louis became instant classics" and very hugely influential on San's early artistic development. By the mid 90s, Sebastien had even launched his own (now defunct) label called Shield Records. During that time he had the chance to collaborate with people such as Kirk Degiorgio, Kevin Saunderson and Fabrice Lig to name but a few. "It's Fabrice who really turned me into the production side of music. He convinced me to buy synthesizers and drum machines. I even sold him my trusty Oberheim Obx-A, and I wonder if he still owns it". Another key factor, was Sebastien's meeting with Mad Mike of Underground Resistance in Detroit at the infamous Submerge building. As Sebastien became familiar with production techniques, and studio equipment, he decided to concentrate full-time on his own music. He developed his style which combines deep atmospheric strings, sweet melodies, and funky beats and rhythms. Sebastien San describes his unique sound: "My music sums up all my influences, which are rather eclectic. I like to put some emotion into my music, but I also like crazy dance-floor-orientated tracks, it all depends on the mood I'm in". San's eclectic taste in music shines through in the sensational night-side track 'Interplanetary' (Soundspeed Mix). This hit tune is a fusion of deep-house and electro-trance. Sebastien San is the latest in a long line of hot new talent discovered by DJ Hell and brought to you by Gigolo Records. With Duel clocking up number 199 in the immensely influential Gigolo catalogue the label which continues to grow as a mark of quality in electronic music will soon reach the 200 milestone. The day/night concept gives an interesting edge to an already brilliant debut album. Lets also give the last word on how this highly original concept came about to Sebastien: "The idea came from DJ Hell, I sent him many tracks and mixes of some of them, apparently he couldn't decide which one he preferred so he thought of including all of them on one album that would represent all the moods we can go through within a same day". [oiƧa aqui]


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