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Friday, November 10, 2006

MORGAN GEIST - Super (Environ US)

GEIST, Morgan - Super (Environ US)
Comentários: In 2001, Environ boss Morgan Geist took a solo break from Metro Area with a hot new 12" and the Super EP. Inspired by classic techno and house with a heavy dose of dramatic disco, Geist melds the organic sounds of Metro Area with his own innovative style on this EP, incorporating live instrumentation with a funky, machine groove. The A-side cut "24K" melds an old-is-gold DMX house drum track with lush basslines and live string sugar from the Kelley Polar Quartet. On the flip, "Sleaze" takes the dancers into a sweaty mix of new wave chords and stabs (think New Order's Blue Monday or Prelude's more robotic releases) mixed with organic electric piano and dubs. The EP rounds out with "Lullaby" - a melancholy jam that melds Kraftwerk with Candido, jamming numbers beats under delicate chords and a sublime trumpet solo courtesy of jazz virtuoso and house producer James Duncan. [nota do editor]



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