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Saturday, November 25, 2006

HIGH TECH SOUL - The Creation Of Techno Music DVD

High Tech Soul is the first film to tackle the deep roots of techno alongside the culture of Detroit, its home. The film tells the story of Detroit techno and the worldwide audience it reached through in-depth interviews with the pioneers, the promoters & the people it touched & inspired. From the riots of 1967 to the underground party scene of the late 1980s, High Tech Soul invites its audience to take a walk around the globe and back to one of the most challenging cities in the world. Director Gary Bredow explores the relationships and personal struggles of the individuals who created this global phenomenon, beginning with the three credited creators of the music - Juan Atkins, Derrick May & Kevin Saunderson. Other interviews on the film include those of: Eddie Fowlkes, Carl Craig, Jeff Mills, John Acquaviva, Carl Cox, Blake Baxter, Richie Hawtin, Stacey Pullen, Kenny Larkin, Thomas Barnett, Matthew Dear, Anthony Shakir, Keith Tucker, Scan 7, Niko Marks, Delano Smith & many more. The soundtrack includes tracks from: UR, Aux 88, Cybotron, Inner City, Mayday, Model 500, Plastikman, Rhythm Is Rhythm and more. "Bredow fills techno's tale with passion, pride &, oddly for the music of the future, nostalgia too." Dazed & Confused; "An Enjoyable education into the music, the city and the main players; Past, present & future." DJ Magazine; Defines the myths & the magic of Detroit techno from its beginnings right up to how it has evolved to become high tech soul" Derrick May. nota do editor

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