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Saturday, May 12, 2007

PHEEK - En Legere Suspension

PHEEK- En Legere Suspension (Archipel US) [Ouvir] Comentários: After eight years of working, researching, and developing while touring; Jean-Patrice Remillard aka Pheek hatches a new album making it his sixth, appearing on his own imprint Archipel Musique. A premiere for Pheek, a 2x12" release of his album that was previously released on CD. [What seemed to attract these techno references to Pheek’s music was his chirurgical [sound design with an unadulterated aesthetic, forming paths to unanticipated destinations, where only he can predict the outcome. This is the brainchild of “En Légère Suspension.” Pheek reinterpreted his concept of electronic music by utilizing flavourful blends of techno embedded with funky undertones, minimal, IDM, and tech house. Specially blended rhythms enriched with bottomless emotion, entices the senses to explore the unknown, but in a playful manner. While his last albums gave him a name for ambient and delicate music, “En Légère Suspension” will take everyone by surprise demonstrating subtle techniques of dance floor music. Nota do editor. Bio / Discog, Archipel.


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