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Wednesday, May 16, 2007


This Bliss "A majestic techno eight tracker from the criminally underrated Dial label. Pantha managed to sneak into many end of year lists with his "Lichten/Walden" release in 2006, and if you were still in any doubt over the man's sizeable and proven production chops, head straight for the beautiful orchestration and educated grooving of "Saturn Strobe", or the irrepressible good vibes and warm bass thump of "Urlichten". "White Out" deepens the pressure with a booty bass bounce and some extra dope chording - a sick production for soaking the club system. "Steiner Im Plug" ushers us into the code of the album in coaxing style, with one of those lovely continuous bass rises. "Seeds Of Sleep" leads us on out with a submerged low end and totally cosmic melodies, concluding a thoroughly satisfying and impressive piece of work." Para Ouvir



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