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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Disrupt - Jah Bit Invasion EP

Disrupt - Jah Bit Invasion EP
English: Are you one of those people who think that computers are soulless machines without a heart nor a mind? Well, then probably you have never owned an 8-bit computer and you have never known the passion for fiddling about and customizing it. Disrupt has carried this passion in his heart for a long time now. And so he's always searching for the individuality, the character, the heart of the machine. In order to make that visible, he feeds his gear with strong basses, big reggae grooves, fruity sample-chutney and a good helping of pure sunshine. This diet works wonders: the coldest machine forgets about computing and somehow, it seems to be smiling gently all of a sudden. Pacman bins eating pills and rather kicks back with a spliff and a cold drink to pass his time with an extensive session of Space Invaders. And on listening to this EP, rest assured you'll be able to relate. Download



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