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Thursday, April 10, 2008

BOCHUM WELT - ROB (Robotic Operating Buddy)

BOCHUM WELT - ROB (Robotic Operating Buddy) (Rephlex) Comentários: is one of the best Rephlex releases in recent years. It would have been nice if disc one features some more original pieces, and a 4LP version would have been a real treat; but despite these meager complaints R.O.B. is a triumph. Disc one gives the electronic audience new tracks created by an artist whose sound has never been reproduced. Bochum Welt is a master of warm analogue electronics, with the first CD offering the listener an array on unheard gems. Disc two is emblematic of why Rephlex has become the label it is, amazing works that sound as fresh today as they did when they first hit the shelves over ten years ago. For anyone contemplating the purchase of an electronic album, or throwing their headphones into the analogue arena, look no further than R.O.B. as disappointment is not included with this two disc set. in igloo [Para Ouvir/Samples] [Myspace]

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Blogger Shumway said...

Já há uns bons anos que não ouvia falar deste senhor.
Tenho de recuperar :)


Monday, 14 April, 2008  
Blogger electriklife said...

vale mesmo a pena ;) volta sempre

Monday, 14 April, 2008  

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